Portrait of Nicolas Roudier by Kirsten Nijhof

Meet the artist !

My name is Nicolas, I am a Frenchy living in The Hague, Netherlands. I was educated as a classical musician since a very young age – and still pursuing a career as such ; but I also express my creativity through photography, videography and sound engineering – eventually both at the service of my first passion, music. I create portraits, music videos, recordings, and more. I am self-taught (with a bit of exterior guidance), and I have my own equipment.

Portrait by Kirsten Nijhof

There is something in people’s eyes.

I have a great interest for portrait photography, for the feelings, looks and moods one can catch from a person and his/her environnement. A meaningful gaze says more than a thousand words. I like to capture this light in the eyes, and make this fraction of second live forever in a photo. I particularly love to witness and photograph my fellow musicians’ expressions while they are playing.

To record is to immortalize.

And your musical projects deserve the best for this reason. I work with professional quality equipment, and use my own musical background to bring the best out of your music, in an audio and video recording or live-streamed concert worth remembering.

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