Recording & live-stream services

The final fee for your recording or live-stream will depend on many parameters including context, location, duration of the production, equipment needed, size of your ensemble, etc. The prices below are only guidelines and are subject to smaller or greater variations. You can request a quote from me.

Audio, video & photo editing. 30€ / h

Audio OR video recording. from 100 €

Audio & video recording. from 150 €

Live-stream. from 300 €

These are the costs for ONE production. No tax is charged in compliance with the Dutch KOR tax exemption. Prices excl. travel costs AND editing.

The final product is your property, however if it is made available on any public audio and/or video digital platform, I reserve the right to use it as sample and share it to freely advertise my services.

Please note that In Oculis does not provide venues or recording studios. Renting equipment is possible and to be discussed with me on an individual basis.